Ground Floor


This is our Caterpillar Room where the younger children are cared for until they move upstairs. Staff work on a 1:3 ratio.


There is a large open plan room that has a wide variety of toys and activities for the children

Another room used for meals and at other times for table top games and creative   activities.

There is also a small messy area where the children can engage in activities such as sand and water play and messy activities i.e.  Spaghetti, jelly play and creative activities.

Also a small dark, quite room with cots and  stacking beds where the children can rest and sleep.


The daily routine is very flexible and we encourage a working partnership with parents in order to ensure the best care for their children.


As often as possible our staff take the children for short walks to local parks, the library or down to the river to feed the ducks.


1st Floor

This is our Butterfly Room where children free-flow between nine areas of learning:


Music & Sound
Small World
Malleable and Tactile
Creative Workshop
Sand & Water
Home Corner & Role Play
Investigative science


In addition there is a small room to allow role play and for the children to express themselves.


We provide different role play experiences to widen their knowledge of professions and outside experiences  such as hairdressing, office equipment, builder’s tools, doctors, restaurants and the police.


As often as possible children go on Nature walks to local parks and visit the library.


Outside Play Area

The outside play area is of a soft rubber surface and dedicated to riding tricycles, toy cars and other outdoor activities for encouraging physical development. We also provide additional activities outdoors to encourage development in maths    creativeness, science / investigation and gardening.


Topics are also worked on throughout the year at different levels according to age.

Parents are encouraged to support these themes by providing back-up sources of materials which  are displayed at the entrance to the Nursery.

Some of the topics are:

Living Things
Homes & Shops
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