Grassroots provids three meals a day along with a morning snack. At breakfast the childern are offered a wide range of cereals and toast. Lunch and tea are a cooked meal.

We are catered for on a daily basis by a company called "slice of pie". They deliver two hot meals a day. They work in a nut free kitchen and cater for an allergies and dietary requirements. Their website is you want to look at them in more detail along with their menus.

 Breakfast 08.00 08.45 a.m.
 Lunch 12.00 12.45 p.m.
 Afternoon tea 04.00 04.30 p.m.
 Typical Menus ( We use Slice Of Pie Catering now ask for meal detials)
 Lunch Menu 1
 Monday Pasta in tomato sauce topped with sweetcorn topped with melted cheese
  Bread sticks
  Fromage frais
Shepherds pie with green beans, swede & parsnip
  Baby new potatoes
  Fruit/Fruit puree
 Wednesday Fish in breadcrumbs
Potato Croquettes / Sweet potato chips
Beans / peas
Ice cream
  Roast/mash potatoes
  Carrots, broccoli and cauliflower
  Fresh fruit salad
 Friday Sweet and sour chicken with rice
  Chocolate mousse
 Afternoon Tea Menu 1
 Week 1  
Cream crackers with cream cheese, marmite, butter,
Selection of pastes and cheddar cheese.
Cucumber and carrot sticks, cheese and chive or houmous dip
  Pear, Banana and Kiwi
Tomato soup, / home made vegetable soup
  Bread and butter
  Cheese cubes
  Cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes
  Satsuma , strawberries and apples
A variety of filled pitta breads
  Carrot sticks and tomatoes
  Banana,pear and kiwi
  Rice cakes
Beans on toast
  Melon ,Pineapple and grapes


Cheese and tomato pizza
Bread and butter
Cucumber and carrot sticks
  Banana,satsumas and blueberries


























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